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Thursday, May 17, 2007


When Evil Dies

Falwell_2Goodbye to the most virulent sexist, racist homophobe of my lifetime: Jerry Falwell, who took the express train to damnation yesterday after a heart attack ended his reign of terror. Rich at FourFour asks, "Did anyone have a reaction to Jerry Falwell's death that wasn't glee-based?" I have to say that I can't bring myself to feel sad about it...he caused so much pain for so many people, twisting and subverting Christian faith into something wholly sinful. The legal, social, and emotional trouble he caused for women, gays, people with AIDS, and Jews in this country is a staggering achievement. Now if we can just get rid of Pat Robertson too, the world will truly be a better place. Other reactions from Brilliant at Breakfast, Popnography, The Republic of T, Christopher Hitchens on The Huffington Post, Jack and Jill Politics, Planet Homo, and a brilliant elegy from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.

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