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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Tony Predictions, Part One: The Plays

The 2007 Tony Awards will be announced next Tuesday, but your intrepid team at Modern Fabulousity doesn't wait around...we've read the programs, seen the shows, bitched at intermission, and bought the collector mug on the way out. In other words, we're ready to GO! Here are our damn fine picks suggestions to the Tony voters. And check back tomorrow: Musicals are coming next!

The Coast of Utopia
Coram Boy
Radio Golf
Dark Horse: Talk Radio
Long Shot: Deuce, The Vertical Hour; The Year of Magical Thinking
No Shot: The Little Dog Laughed

Our first race of the nominations, and by far the tightest of the bunch. Count on Utopia and Nixon as locks. After that, it gets murky: the love-it-or-hate-it Coram Boy has equally ardent fans and detractors, as does Talk Radio and The Year of Magical Thinking. We think, however, that nostalgia and sympathy for the late August Wilson might push the mild-mannered Radio Golf into the final four.

Inherit The Wind
Journey's End
A Moon for the Misbegotten
Long Shot: Butley
No Shot: Heartbreak House; Prelude to a Kiss

Despite its poor showing in the precursor awards, A Moon for the Misbegotten will eke out a nomination over Heartbreak and Prelude, which have already closed. Looking towards this awards in June, however, expect a showdown between Wind and Journey's End.

Hugh Dancy, Journey's End
Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon
Brian F. O'Byrne, The Coast of Utopia
Christopher Plummer, Inherit The Wind
Liev Schreiber, Talk Radio
Dark Horse: Brian Dennehy, Inherit The Wind
Long Shot: Philip Bosco, Heartbreak House; Boyd Gaines, Journey's End; Nathan Lane, Butley; Harry J. Lennix, Radio Golf; Kevin Spacey, A Moon for the Misbegotten
No Shot: Tom Everett Scott, The Little Dog Laughed

Very tight category, with 8-10 easily nominatable performances. I think the three major actor showcases are Talk Radio, Inherit The Wind and Frost/Nixon, so Schreiber, Plummer and Langella are sure things...as is O'Byrne's masterful work in Utopia. That leaves a final slot, which I'm shakily giving to Dancy in Journey's End. It could just as easily go to Dennehy or Lane (who was well-reviewed last fall for Butley), or even Tony regular Bosco.

Eve Best, A Moon for the Misbegotten
Angela Lansbury, Deuce
Vanessa Redgrave, The Year of Magical Thinking
Marian Seldes, Deuce
Jennifer Ehle, The Coast of Utopia
Dark Horse: Xanthe Elbrick or Jan Maxwell, Coram Boy
Long Shot: Swoosie Kurtz, Heartbreak House; Julianne Moore, The Vertical Hour; Tonya Pinkins, Radio Golf; Julie White, The Little Dog Laughed
No Shot: Stephanie March, Talk Radio; Annie Parisse, Prelude to a Kiss

Three legends -- Lansbury, Redgrave, and Seldes -- will take rightful places in this category, despite the stumbles of their shows. Eve Best, who got rapturous praise for her role in A Moon for the Misbegotten, is the revival's best chance at a nomination. Choosing the fifth nominee, however, is a very sticky wicket. Will voters shine a light on women in large ensembles, like Ehle (or Coram Boy's Elbrick and Maxwell, who might be eligible here instead of in supporting)? Will they remember back to last January, and pick up Julie White for The Little Dog Laughed? Will they take the safe route with a veteran like Kurtz or Pinkins? My money is very delicately and tentatively placed on Ehle, but it's really a crap shoot.

Bill Camp, Coram Boy
Billy Crudup, The Coast of Utopia
Denis O'Hare, Inherit The Wind
Michael Sheen, Frost/Nixon
Bill Nighy, The Vertical Hour
Dark Horse: Anthony Chisholm, Radio Golf
More Dark Horses: Ethan Hawke, The Coast of Utopia; John Mahoney, Prelude to a Kiss; Colm Meaney, A Moon for the Misbegotten; Sebastian Stan, Talk Radio
Long Shot: Byron Jennings, Heartbreak House; Stark Sands, Journey's End
No Shot: Johnny Galecki, The Little Dog Laughed; Jefferson Mays, Journey's End

Nighy is the best shot The Vertical Hour has in any category; if voters want to remember David Hare's drama, this is where it will happen. Michael Sheen is dynamic enough in Frost/Nixon to be singled out (and its burgeoning hit status doesn't hurt, either). Tony winner O'Hare is quite memorably as the slimy journalist of Wind, so I expect him to pick up another nod. And I sincerely hope that Coram Boy's dastardly villain, Bill Camp, gets a golden ticket (although I'm unsure as to whether he's eligible for Lead or Supporting Actor...I'm guessing). If those four come to pass, I'll choose safely and wisely for the final slot -- the show-offy member of the Utopia ensemble, Crudup, will fill out this category. I won't be surprised, however, if Tony voters throw a bone instead to his co-star Hawke, to the remarkable Chisholm in Radio Golf or Misbegotten's Colm Meaney...or anoint a rising talent in Sebastian Stan.

Xanthe Elbrick, Coram Boy
Amy Irving, The Coast of Utopia
Dana Ivey, Butley
Jan Maxwell, Coram Boy
Martha Plimpton, The Coast of Utopia
Dark Horse: Robin Bartlett, Prelude to a Kiss
Long Shot: Uzo Aduba, Coram Boy; Lily Rabe, Heartbreak House; Laila Robins, Heartbreak House

Although this category has the fewest contenders this year, it was by far the hardest to select nominees in...primarily because I'm unsure about eligibility issues for the actresses of Coram Boy and The Coast of Utopia, which have large casts (and the Tony Committee hasn't published anything as yet on the subject). But I expect both shows to dominate here, leaving Tony stalwart Ivey to the fifth slot over Outer Critics nominee Bartlett and the women of the long-closed Heartbreak House.

Michael Grandage, Frost/Nixon
Doug Hughes, Inherit The Wind
Jack O'Brien, The Coast of Utopia
Melly Still, Coram Boy
Dark Horse: David Hare, The Year of Magical Thinking
Long Shots: Howard Davies, A Moon for the Misbegotten; Robert Falls, Talk Radio; Garry Hynes, Translations
No Shot: Kenny Leon, Radio Golf; Sam Mendes, The Vertical Hour

This is O'Brien's award to lose; Utopia was a spectacular achievement, and the only thing that even approached him was the upstart debut of Melly Still, who should also score a nomination. I personally favored the clean lines of Grandage's work and the down-home charm of Hughes' vision for Wind. But if Tony voters want to reward minimalism at its most beautiful -- and there's no saying that they will -- they could do far worse than celebrate David Hare's pristine Magical Thinking.

Jay Johnson: The Two and Only
Kiki and Herb: Alive on Broadway

Yeah. It is what it is. Kiki and Herb take it in a walk.

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