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Thursday, May 10, 2007


A Thoroughly Modern Fabulousity: Shirley Bassey

Some gay men have Cher. Others worship Madonna, or Barbra, or Xtina, or (God help them) Celine. But from a very early age, ModFab has always prayed at the feet of Dame Shirley Bassey, the brassiest, most extravagant belter of the 20th century. I suppose my adoration started with my love of Bond films and its Bassey-sung themes ("Goldfinger", "Moonraker" and my personal favorite, "Diamonds Are Forever") and it grew when Shirley was pulled into the global dance scene, singing vocals on the Propellerheads' smash "History Repeating," which has now become a staple of luxury car commercials.

Now 70 years young, Dame Shirley is releasing her first new album in ten years later this month, packed with well-known songs remixed by the hottest DJs of the day. Two of the tracks are now on her MySpace page, and they are blowing my ever-lovin' MIND: a propulsive, powerful version of "I Will Survive" and a cover of Pink's "Get This Party Started" -- complete with a Bond-like orchestra over the beats!! -- that has me dancing around the house. There may be better songs released this summer, but for me, this will undoubtedly be the most entertaining. (And eternal thanks, as always, to Arjan for the tip.)



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