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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Stage Addiction: In Which Nathaniel Proposes to Rosie O'Donnell

I normally don't begin posts with simpering apologies --that's for amateurs and these days I'm a professional. To steal a ModFab joke: That's MISTER Film Experience to you -- but *simper* APOLOGIES!!! I don't know how ModFab brings you such piping hot, true and fascinating theatrical dish each and every week. I really don't. So herewith some news you've probably already heard culled from sources theater buffs have probably already read. Oh the shame...

who am I anyway? this is not going on my resume

This will only be news to blind people but the Broadway community is teeming with hotness. Hot guys are everywhere. This isn't stage gossip so much as fact. And because I forgot to put that link in Monday Manscan. Waste not, want not.

Summer is a good time for Off Off Broadway type theater in NYC. The famous Fringe Festival is later in the summer but in just a couple of weeks there's a new festival in town: the 1st annual National Asian American Theater Festival kicks off on June 11th. Could be interesting. There's a rethink of the very gay and very Jewish musical Falsettos with an Asian cast. Theater blog WG/WBINYT suggests catching one of four performances from the troupe Vampire Cowboys

I have in the past lamented that Shakespeare gets too much play from the theatrical community and other dead playwrights deserve some love. But I wasn't really hoping for this sort of calamity. Seems that four separate summer theaters are closing up shop in Toronto. This article suggests that a Canadian production of Jason Robert Brown's awesome musical The Last Five Years might be in trouble. Might not. Readers from the Toronto area take note: If it does open, do NOT miss it. Theatrical gold.

Seth Rudesky shares fun dish over at Playbill about a birthday party for Rosie O'Donnell's better half Kelli. Seems Kelli wanted some of her favorites to perform and they showed up to do just that. Julia Murney, Norm Lewis, Darius de Haas doing a Dreamgirls number. Four time TONY winner Audra McDonald sang too.

Um, can I marry Rosie next? Cuz I'd really like my birthday party next week to feature performances from Sutton Foster, Mary Testa, Donna Murphy and John Barrowman among others. Audra can sing too. I'm just sayin'.

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