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Sunday, May 13, 2007


ModMusic: Twist's "Revolutions"

A few months back, Sony Music created a stir by announcing their first-ever department to sign and produce GLBT artists, cheekily called Music With A Twist. The nascent label will release its first disc on Tuesday, a compilation called Revolutions featuring many of the artists signed (in one way or another) to the label. And while the press notes overstate the case for its historical importance, it is notable for mixing male and female artists in almost equal amounts, while creating a pretty seamless aural experience from many different genres and styles.

In addition to hits like The Gossip's "Standing in the Way of Control" and LOGO vid fave "Love You Better" by God-Des and She, Revolutions has a better-than-usual roster of new talents. For instance, we can't stop playing the fabulously funky "Magic Tree" by British-born Brooklynite Kirsten Price (which is already featured on The L Word...good music travels fast!). Other artists to watch include Dylan Rice, Tangela Bell, Levi Kreis, Sarah Bettens and the gorgeous Israeli chanteur Ivri Lider, who contributes the dreamily heartbroken "Jesse".

Watch The Video: "The Man I Love", Ivri Lider
Watch The Video: "Not An Addict", Sarah Bettens
Watch The Video: Levi Kreis on The Apprentice
Watch The Video: "Magic Tree", Kirsten Price
Watch The Video: "Love You Better", God-des and She
Download: "Magic Tree", Kirsten Price
Visit: Music With A Twist
Then Buy: Various Artists, Revolutions

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