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Monday, May 07, 2007


ModMusic: Motor

There’s definitely something interesting in the urgent beats and bleeps of Unhuman, the soon-to-be-released sophomore disc from noted remix team Motor. A lesson in straightforward, minimalist electronica, the songs are not an exercise in club anthemics; they feel as if they might be the first songs ever created exclusively for the iPod generation, where the propelling throbs would be well-suited to a workout or a particularly manic subway commute.

Known primarily for their post-production remixes of Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson and 80’s techno legends Nitzer Ebb (with whom they recently toured), Motor sometimes lazily sets the entire affair on extended play; Unhuman alternates between the thrilling ( “Night Drive”) and the monotonous (“Drug Punk”) in almost equal measures. But even so, credit the creative duo (named Mr. No and Bryan Black) for sticking to their vision, whatever the cost; the mood is sublimely relentless, a minor-chord series of musical urges that manages to be both sexy and exhausting. In the dark bowels of a club, where the time is perpetually 3 A.M. eternal, Unhuman will satisfy and delight. It’s only in the daylight that clubgoers may look for something a little more nuanced.

Watch The Video: "Bleep #1", Motor
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