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Sunday, May 06, 2007


ModMusic: Feist

It’s a nearly irresistible urge for critics to place Feist (aka singer-songwriter Leslie Feist) in the women’s folk-pop tradition, snugly fitting her somewhere between the crunchy twang of The Indigo Girls and the atmospherics of Norah Jones, with a little of Sarah MacLachlan’s plaintive wail and Tori Amos' flair for the dramatic thrown in. But beneath the Lilith Fair-friendly underpinnings of Feist’s new CD The Reminder, there’s a surprisingly clear affection for pop music. Not one of the 12 tracks is missing a clever, radio-friendly hook....okay, maybe alternative radio-friendly, but still accessible and provocatively catchy in its own meandering way. An antidote, really, to the transparent silliness of most women’s music in this nascent century.

Percussives are part of the trick. Whether it’s the clapping of “Sealion” or the snapping fingers of “Brandy Alexander,” Feist shows a fidelity to the beat that often escapes her more esoteric colleagues. Such touches propel the music forward, so her simple, often undeveloped melodies can find their way without having to prop up the song itself. Standout tracks include the single “My Moon My Man” and “So Sorry,” a paean to regret that faintly resembles Roseanne Cash at her best. Quiet even in its most frantic moments, The Reminder is a sublime reinforcement that music by women remains as powerful as ever.

Watch The Video: "1 2 3 4", Feist
Watch The Video: "My Moon My Man", Feist
Visit: Feist Official Site
Download: "Sealion" via Surviving The Golden Age
Then Buy: The Reminder, Feist

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