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Sunday, May 20, 2007


ModMusic: Erasure's Return

For almost a decade now, Erasure have been stretching and experimenting with their sound, their reach, and their identity in the new millennium...even as their legacy, along with Depeche Mode, New Order and the Pet Shop Boys, as a titan of electronic music becomes solidified. The experiments included a cover album (Other People's Songs), an acoustic set (Union Street), dueling side projects (vocalist Andy Bell's Electric Blue and Vince Clarke's Family Fantastic), a live CD (On The Road To Nashville), and two mixed bags (2000's Loveboat and 2005's Nightbird). And while all of these efforts had worthwhile elements to recommend them, fans of the band's original sound -- the "Chains of Love"-belting, ABBA-loving duo, as proficient with a ballad as they are on the dance floor -- have waited patiently for the boys to get back to business.

So it's good news that Light at the End of the World, Erasure's splendid new disc out next Tuesday, is a perfect return to form. There's a buoyancy and uplifting mood that pervades the disc, and a peppy bounce in Clarke's deft arrangements that recalls 1997's masterwork Cowboy. But don't like the good mood obscure the jaw-dropping complexity in the songwriting. The first single, "I Could Fall in Love With You" (currently in the ModBox on our sidebar), offers a charmingly fragile lyric about first love over a rhythm of musical uplift; even better are tracks like the surprisingly infectious "Golden Heart" and the survival anthem "When A Lover Leaves You". It's not like Erasure ever left, but even so, it's great to have them back.

Watch The Video: "I Could Fall in Love With You", Erasure
Download: "When A Lover Leaves You", Erasure
Visit: Erasure Official Site, My Space
Then Pre-Order: Light at the End of the World, Erasure

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