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Saturday, May 05, 2007


The ModFab Gallery: Week 18

Best in Show last week went a little contemplative, as PiXistenz's diptych of urban transit, Waiting For A Train, took home the most reader votes from The ModFab Gallery. Here in week 18, however, is is the strongest line-up so far this year. Varied styles, subjects and moods, but all of them stunning examples of the power and talent of today's photoblog community. Don't forget to vote once you've enjoyed them all!

Andrew Hefter: Point of Light
Anything But Work: Angel, Settled in Trier
Atomische: Miami Foot
Chromasia: As The Wind Blows
Dark Shapes: Sarah #1
Finlandia: Alina
Fotogram: Naturalization Ceremony
Liminality: Untitled
Panopticon: Lightbulb Moon
Shrued: Reading Railroad #2

Vote for the Best In Show by leaving your choice...
1) in the comments below, or
2) in an e-mail to modern.fabulousity@gmail.com.
The winner will be announced next week.

Last Week's Best In Show
PiXistenZ: Waiting for a Train
All photos appear by copyright permission. Modern Fabulousity does not grant reprint or duplication rights, which are expressly retained by the photographers linked above.

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