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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Idol, Au Revoir: Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson

I should probably eulogize the two American Idol singers who were dismissed last night -- Chris and Phil, bon voyage -- but I just can't be too sad about it. Why? Because the four we've wanted to see battle all along are finally, finally free of all the detritus of other competitors. What a Final Four showdown! Melinda is the golden-voiced goddess with loads of audience goodwill...and a tendency to coast every now and then. LaKisha is the broad-note belter who wowed everyone in Week One...and then sputtered every week since, unable to recapture that first glory. Jordin, the 17-year-old dynamo, has nearly unlimited potential...which is matched by very limited experience. And then there's Blake, the cute beatboxer with the wacky arrangements...who on occasion gets way too cute and not wacky enough.

I'm ready. I think it's going to be fun. And I think they'll be cut in this order: LaKisha, Jordin, and Blake, leaving Melinda the rightful and just winner.



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