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Wednesday, April 04, 2007



A survey of the internet's best thoughts on the Malakar Messiah...
  • From the always-hilarious Washington Post, my favorite quote of the week: "Sanjaya, if you've missed the show to date, is the Heather Mills of American Idol. Instead of dancing without a leg, he's singing without a vocal cord. A talent amputee."
  • Faggoty Ass Faggot believes he's discovered the secret to predicting Idol castoffs...Ohio. Hey, it's certainly a better indicator than actual talent, right?
  • The Gilded Moose live-blogs Sanjaya's latest performance...and finds it reminiscent of both Lenny and Squiggy and Chastity Bono. Wow.
  • The New York Times weighs in on the Sanjaya phenomenon...and says, hey, American Idol asked for bullshit, and bullshit is what it got.
  • And finally, via OMG...the new album!

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