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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


New on the Mod Box

There's a raft of blogs now using the Box service -- most of them hatas who didn't credit ModFab as their source, but whatever, I'm not bitter. (Well, not bitter much, although they'd flip if I did the same to them...and it's a shame, because Box is a sharing service, where we could all benefit. It's a shame how stingy people are with credit links these days. Too bad.).

Here on the Mod Box -- which you can find halfway down our sidebar to the left -- we've added the tunes that are running around in our heads these days: new music from Tracey Thorn, Mika, and Rufus Wainwright (two new tracks!), new remixes from Amy Winehouse and Miguel Migs, and a classic mix from Lighthouse Family which is just genius. Enjoy!



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