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Sunday, April 15, 2007


ModMusic: Lucky Soul

2007 is already promising to be pop music's best year in a decade, with major releases peppering the schedule for summer and fall...not to mention the New Retro artists, who have been so strong in 2007's first quarter. Led by British acts like Mika, Amy Winehouse, and The Pipettes, there's a kicky blend of new technology and urban lyricism splashed across arrangements that recall the best of Barry Gordy, Phil Spector, Stax and the Detroit sounds of the 1960's and 70's.

My favorite new find of the bunch, Lucky Soul, takes it a step further. A Greenwich (UK) sextet who are undoubtedly the catchiest pop confection of the year, their debut album, The Great Unwanted, embraces a sound that falls somewhere between The Ronettes and Death Cab for Cutie. But their iconoclastic mix of past and present is even more intense than that: Lesley Gore in a jam session with Weezer, or Nancy Sinatra in a chance meeting with The Cardigans. Lucky Soul exudes an effervescent timelessness; check out a track like "Get Outta Town!", where Ali Howard's voice shimmers like lip gloss and the style drips off each track like liquid gold. (Note: the album is currently on Amazon only as an import, but it IS available domestically via iTunes. Doesn't make sense to me either.)

Download: "Get Outta Town!", Lucky Soul
Visit: Lucky Soul Official Site / MySpace
Then Get: The Great Unwanted, Lucky Soul (Amazon/iTunes)

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