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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Idol, Au Revoir: Haley Scarnato

On last nights American Idol results show -- inexplicably and uselessly stretched to a hour (!) -- the dream ended for Haley Scarnato, the pretty girl with a penchant for short skirts, heavy cleavage and flat notes. In the end, the beat turned around and bit her in the ass; disco has killed many an Idol contestant in the past, and in this case, the song was simply more than she could handle. With Phil Stacey probably going next week, the competition should get interesting after that point. Will Chris Richardson, who ended up in the bottom three with Phil and Haley, go before Sanjaya in the Battle of Teenage Fan Clubs? Will Jordin surge forward...or fall hopelessly behind? Will LaKisha get back on track? And will Sanjaya, after winning the entire competition, decide next to conquer large sections of Eastern Europe and crown himself King of Sanjayastan? Stay tuned...it's about to get really good.



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