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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Idol, Au Revoir: Gina Glocksen

Well if nothing else, Sanjaya can now officially say he's not the ONLY contestant who has overstayed his welcome. In the biggest shock of the season to date, grunge chick Gina Glocksen was booted off the show last night; it seems like Haley Scarnato's skimpy dress and throaty balladry once again paid off, and the inexplicable love for Phil "Kojak Impersonator" Stacey continued. (I don't suppose there's a "VoteForTheSecondWorst.com", is there?) Given that Phil has now been in the bottom trio numerous times -- but never voted out, always saved -- it's even more of an indication that people are ignoring talent and voting merely on perceived personal charm. That, or there's an enormous bug-eyed contingent out there in the heartland, text-messaging like there's no tomorrow.

In what can only be considered a mixed blessing, special guest judge Tony Bennett didn't sing on the results show, farming out the slot to geeky crooner Michael Buble. I would describe it for you, but I went into diabetic shock somewhere near the first chorus.

Side note: Seacrest put the contestants into three groupings, which helps us a bit to know what America is thinking. The top three were Jordin, Melinda and LaKisha (no surprises there), following a middle grouping of Sanjaya, Blake, and Chris. You can quibble with the placements, but I think this is probably our Top Six. Which should make Phil and Haley nervous enough that they'll both wear really short dresses next week.



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