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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Idol, Au Revoir: The Fake Elimination

On "American Idol Gives Back" last night, money was raised telethon-style for hunger relief...and in the rush of bubbly good feelings such superficial TV moments invariably bring, it was decided that none of the remaining six finalists were going home. Yay, candy and cake for everyone!!!

Instead of seeing what we actually tuned in for, we got unfunny skits from Ben Stiller and Jack Black, more shots of Seacrest looking scared in an African slum, Eric McCormack and Gwyneth Paltrow lipsynching to the Bee Gees, more shots of Simon Cowell looking scared in an African slum, performances from Annie Lennox (yay!) and Josh Groban (boo!), and guest appearances by celeb-philanthropists Bono and Madonna. As to the actual purposes of the show -- voting someone off -- it was a two-hour-long tease that ended on a note of utter irritation.

I know I shouldn't be a grouch about it. But the evening was not quite as charitable as it seemed; Fox donated zero of their ad revenue last night, which, with an additional hour to hawk their wares, was sizable. And although guest MC Ellen Degeneres personally donated $100,000 to the cause, no Idol producers or judges stepped up to match her generosity.

The six candidates, meanwhile, were tormented in various ways...first by singing two heinous group numbers, and then by being counted off one by one by Seacrest, leaving poor Jordin to think she was going home. One interesting piece of news was dropped, however; next week, the bottom TWO contestants will go home, to make up for lost time. Who are you placing bets on? My guess is that Phil and LaKisha will get their walking papers.



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