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Thursday, April 05, 2007


From The ModFab Vaults...

Two Years Ago Today...
...while John Patrick Shanley's Doubt won the Pulitzer Prize, we reviewed a much less spiritual work: Robert Rodriguez's graphic noir Sin City. With Grindhouse opening tomorrow, it's like the movie never really ended!

One Year Ago Today...
...we wrote one of our most-beloved blog posts of all time, one that really captured our caring, sensitive, and nurturing soul. It's title? Why I'd Like To Give Natasha Bedingfield A Beatdown.

Three Months Ago Today...
Kevin Federline, perhaps realizing that his marriage was in a shambles, decided to hit on Lindsay Lohan via text message. Surprisingly, it didn't work...and went downhill from there. Let the celeb feuding begin!



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