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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Fabgadget: Jott

A great tool for anyone whose fuzzy memory (like mine) is starting to completely fall apart...sometimes making it impossible to remember the name of the person who has been sleeping next to you for 15 years. (It's right there on the tip of my tongue, I swear.) The new service Jott allows you to call a toll-free number and leave a message for yourself...a to-do reminder, a memorable phrase for your as-yet-unfinished novel, or (most importantly) something to blog about later. And then--this is the cool part!--they TRANSCRIBE it for you and email it to you. Technically, you could read all of Atlas Shrugged into your phone, and bam! you'd have yourself an editable copy at home. Just make sure you're using your weekend minutes.

If you blog or write for a living, this is a savior. Often when I see a play, a concert or a movie, I've got immediate thoughts afterward...thoughts that lose their punch by the time I get home in front of a computer, or lose specificity if I try to text-message them. Jott is the answer. Hallelujah! If Jott were a boy, I'd gay-marry it.



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