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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Birthday Magic

Next month, Modern Fabulousity will celebrate two milestones: May 18 is my birthday (yay!) and May 31 is ModFab's. (This blog will be three years old, and I will be...somewhat older than that.) For these two celebrations, we're trying something, and I need your help to make a dream come true.

Regular readers know of my passion for photobloggers and their work. I've been a fan, featuring hundreds of them in the ModFab Gallery, for years. Recently, I've been thinking about fulfilling my dream of becoming an amateur photographer. I've studied and read extensively about photography, watched some pros at their work, and researched equipment. Still, it's an expensive habit to get into. So let me introduce you to my dream...

The Nikon D80. For my birthday, I'm raising funds to buy this bad baby and its accessories. The goal for camera, lenses, etc. is $1300. So if you're a friend who planned to buy a birthday present, I'd really prefer a donation to the Camera Fund. And if you're just a reader who loves this blog and wants to see it grow to the next level (actual photos taken at Broadway premieres! Boudoir pictures of other bloggers when they get drunk at my house!), please contribute.

Your Birthday Wishes can be sent via PayPal to modern.fabulousity@gmail.com. All donations will get a shout out right here on the blog; for every donation over $50, you'll get one of my first photos named in your honor....or named after your favorite trashy celebrity, your choice.