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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Au Revoir, Idol: Sanjaya Malakar

Oh holy day! Oh blessed occurance! Our long national nightmare is over; Sanjaya has been dumped by the voting public, after they were admonished by Simon Cowell that prolonging the youngster's stay was no longer funny. Personally, I've thought it was cruel for a long time...both to him and to us. After the results were read, Sanjaya cried and seemed touched. I...felt nothing. My heart hardened toward the kid weeks ago, so I couldn't muster any matching sympathy. Now we can finally get on with it, I say..

Something else also happened: the bottom three included the shock of Blake standing next to LaKisha and Sanjaya. This means that everyone except Melinda has been in the bottom three at least once...and the fact that Phil was fourth (or better) in the vote totals last night leads me to believe that he's not a sure elimination next week. Bottom line: this is the most competitive Idol ever, I think. Now that Sanjaya's gone, it may really be (gasp!) about the singing.

And aren't we all thanking the Lord that the American Idol results show is now an hour! Otherwise, we'd never get to see endless product placement for Shrek The Third, the flat backstage interviews, Simon apologizing three times to the families at Virginia Tech, Antonio Banderas talking more about Shrek, or (best yet) the punditry of people walking down the sidewalk (including one of the hippies from The Amazing Race last season...what the hell?). I realize the producers want to stretch out the ad opportunities as much as possible. Me, I think this is what TiVo was designed for.

By the way: Chris Richardson? A total 'mo, according to a former Idol semi-finalist. Told ya.



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