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Thursday, March 22, 2007


What's Next For Starbuck

Two weeks ago, Battlestar Galactica fans cried out in anguish as the show's most conflicted character, the psychologically-scarred ace pilot Starbuck (Katie Sackoff), flew her 'raptor into what looked like an intergalactic hurricane. Fans went beserk: how could they kill off their main character? Would Starbuck return to the series in ghostly form? Was she a Cylon? The cliffhanger was sad, confusing...and exceptional storytelling.

While we may not know what's next for Starbuck, today comes news about the future plans of Katie Sackoff herself...she's signed on for the pilot of NBC's remake of The Bionic Woman as (get this!) an EVIL bionic woman. (Hells yeah!) No word on whether she'll stay with the show beyond the first episode, but both Bionic and Battlestar are produced by David Eick...which means even if she stays, it's possible schedules could be adjusted so she could do both.

The bad news...it looks like Battlestar Galactica will end soon, possibly after next season. A shame. Even with its weaker-than-usual third season, it remains the most powerful dramatic work on television. Period. [Sitrep]



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