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Tuesday, March 27, 2007



So I lost in the March Gayness thing, as expected, to Towleroad...contrary to Biblical prophesy, David rarely beats Goliath. But it's even worse, because someone decided to cheat, and it really makes me furious. It looks like some intrepid Towle-hater decided to artificially stuff the ballot box via multiple votes, which led to the ridiculous idea that I was somehow winning by hundreds of votes. I knew something was wrong, because, let's face it...he gets millions of readers a day, and I'm lucky to get 3,000.

These things are supposed to be fun and silly, and I'm a bit appalled that someone decided to play nasty, and then involve me in it. But The Malcontent has set the record straight (as it were), and spanked me in public...so whoever it was, thanks for embarrassing me publicly. Much appreciated.

But to all of you who voted fairly and treated the competition as an opportunity to discover new blogs (as I did), thanks. I appreciate the support, and the love was gratifying. Handjob line forms to the left...


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