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Monday, March 05, 2007


Tracey Versus Kylie: The Smackdown

In a recent interview with the Times of London, my beloved Tracey Thorn -- whose solo album is days away from dropping -- dissed my other beloved, Kylie Minogue, in print!

"I always thought Morrissey was hilarious, I never saw the miserable tag," Thorn said. "His music was incredibly moving and powerful, but hysterically funny. And I’ve never been a miserable person. I can see there was melancholy in the songs, but it’s partly my tone of voice....I could sing the Teletubbies theme and it would be fairly mournful.

"But it’s also about what you find depressing. I always found listening to I Should Be So Lucky far more depressing than listening to Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now."

Great. Just GREAT. I feel like Solomon, caught between pop divas. Can one appreciate disposable pop music (Kylie) and thoughtful pop music (Thorn) at the same time, or should I ditch them both and start listening to angry bisexuals like Ani DiFranco? That's what my lesbian sister suggested, when I called her to pose the problem. But then, she never really understood my Kylie Thing, anyway.

At least Kylie, Tracey and I agree on one thing: Morrissey is one hilariously funny bitch. [XO's Middle Eight]

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