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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Pistols at Dawn...

Somehow, I came from behind and beat softcore vlog Homo Mojo into the Sweet 16 round of March Gayness! It just shows that an overdependence on American Idol, Broadway musicals, and the occasional nekkid photo can triumph over anything. I am overwhelmed, everybody...you rock my planet! Thanks for voting!

Sadly, I am now up against the 500-lb gorilla of gay blogging, Towleroad. My distaste for that blog -- and its dependence on links taken from other blogs (often without crediting the original source) -- is old news. And by all accounts, Andy's a nice guy. It could be worse, he could be Perez Hilton, who is human toxic waste IMHO.

So I think my moment in the sun is coming to an end, but if you'd like to vote, please do.



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