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Saturday, March 10, 2007


The ModFab Gallery: Week 10

Oh myyyy, but you are a classy bunch. The voters of ModFab's Best In Show last week walked the palatial gardens of France with Rion.nu's beautiful series, Paths of Versailles. I could just imagine us all, having tea and strolling with parasols while waiting for the mobs to come take us to the guillotine. (Okay, yes, I'm a little punchy at the moment.) No trips to France in this week's choices below, but some fantabulous journey just the same. Please take a few seconds to peruse these great artists, and vote for your favorite!

Daily Dose of Imagery: Snowy Intersection
DoubleCrossed: Rumble Next Door
Electrolite: Wire Sign
Life Vicarious: New York City
The Narrative: Wee Old Church
Nighthawks: Red Bel Air
Pixpopuli: Taking No Chances
Thinsite: Liquid Veil
Walkerview: Lobby Decor
Worksongs: End of the Season

Vote for the Best In Show by leaving your choice...
1) in the comments below, or
2) in an e-mail to modern.fabulousity@gmail.com.
The winner will be announced next week.

Last Week's Best In Show
Rion.nu: Paths of Versailles

All photos appear by copyright permission. Modern Fabulousity does not grant reprint or duplication rights, which are expressly retained by the photographers linked above.



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