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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Gettin Some Lovin'

We've got a bevy of new friends supporting the site of late, and wanted to introduce you to them. We don't ask for donations from you, being an ad-supported site...what we REALLY need from you is to spend the next 30 seconds clicking on the links below. They make it possible, so please...show some love!

Frankey's: The marvelous online clothier has terrific men's and women's selections, like this marvy Mark Nason Boot. Okay yes, they're expensive...but when you factor in your 20% ModFab Discount (click through on the sidebar) on this already on-sale item, you're suddenly getting very wearable couture for half-off! Pretty amazing, we think.

Pressing The Flesh: We are thrilled that our longtime politicalblog buddy has joined the ModFab Support Crew. They've promised an upcoming series on the presidential candidates, so check 'em out daily.

Island House Key West: Out Traveler magazine just named Island House the "best gay resort in the world." If you're considering an afforable trip to warmer and more relaxing climates, this has to be on your short list.

Parsons: The New School For Design: Ohmigod, the home of Project Runway is now advertising on ModFab! Check it out...it's for a one-year fashion marketing degree. Plus all the Jay McCarroll discount sweaters you can handle.

International Jock: Selling all kinds of junk compartments, including Calvin Klein and Aussiebum. Is this really shopping, or hot softcore? It's both! Yay!

Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies: The latest novel by Geography Club author Brent Hartinger is a youth-oriented take on the B-movie horror flicks of old. Perfect light reading as we head into spring....

Fashion Indie Magazine: We. Adore. This. Magazine. So fresh and fun, it makes us feel like a really smart version of Donatella...or a slightly zaftig Anna Wintour.

Your Free Cellphone
: Well, nothing's truly free in this world. But it's not a bad deal, if you're in the market for a new phone.



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