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Monday, March 12, 2007


Easy Trip To Idol Country

As of last night in our weekend poll on the eventual American Idol finalists, a whopping 93% of you agreed that Melinda Doolittle should have one of the two final spots. That's a pretty amazing consensus, if you ask me...and a serious statement of her talent and impact on the viewers. Who says cream doesn't rise to the top?

The numbers were a lot less obvious, however, about who her competition in the finals should be: LaKisha Jones (36%) was nearly tied with Blake Lewis (37%) for second, with Chris Richardson the only other candidate to score in the double digits (11%, although Jordin Sparks was close with 9.9%). At the bottom: bug-eyed Phil Stacey and rocker grrl Gina Glocksen, with a measly 1.4% each. (Awwww.) If you haven't voted, you still can.



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