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Friday, March 02, 2007


American Idolatry: Tremble Before the Power of Barba and Sanjaya!

Some minor shocks among those chosen for pop exile this week: Nicholas Pedro, the Sinatra-esque crooner, and A.J. Tabaldo, whose boy-band appeal is about five years too late. Neither of them were a ModFab favorite, but both were light-years better than weak-voiced teenager Sanjaya Malakar, who looked shocked himself that he didn't go home. If you ever doubted the power of the teen vote, here is a perfect example. It's also why, ultimately, American Idol can never be taken seriously by anyone who loves music.

Need more proof? The talent-deficient mess known as Antonella Barba managed to stay in the face of repeated terrible performances, ousting Leslie Hunt in the process. While Hunt was never going to make it to the top 12, it exhibits many of the flaws in Idol's selection process. The more telegenic Barba, who has become an internet sensation due to provocative pictures, has gotten much more screen time than any other contestant. She's young, beautiful, and perceived to be a little slutty; to her fans, her musical ability is totally beside the point.

Less surprising was the ouster of Alaina Alexander, who proved, I guess, that she is no Dixie Chick. Her farewell singoff -- one of the cruelest moments in reality show history, I think -- was painful; her voice cracked, she cried, and struggled to make it through. Of course, the honest pain she felt was gulped up by the producers, who milked it like a prize dairy cow.

So I ask you, my dear ModFabbers: what will it take for Barba and Malakar to go? Or has the show lost all shreds of dignity...and will crown the kids the winners by default?

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