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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Sneak Preview: Top Design

Bravo is advertising their new reality competition, Top Design, on ModFab (for which we love them long time). They've also been kind enough to send over a You Tube preview of tonight's episode, which apprarently involves carpentry and painting with a broom.

For me, the verdict is still out on Top Design. As readers know, I am a big fan Bravo's sister shows Project Runway and Top Chef; I even geeked out over the similarly-themed Design Star on HGTV, so I am the perfect target market for this new effort. But having only seen one episode, I have reservations -- I'm not yet into the contestants, the design sequence wasn't shot very well, and despite the presence of secret guest judge/trannie goddess Alexis Arquette, I never engaged the way I expected to. Let's hope tonight's episode puts my concerns to rest...and that painting with a broom is significantly more fascinating than I imagine.



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