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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero

The latest in online mystery-making (and viral marketing) has hit in support of the forthcoming Nine Inch Nails concept album, Year Zero, which will be released April 17th. Fans at a recent concert noted highlighted letters on the back of a tour shirt, which led to the discovery of various IP addresses and an entire story of an alternate future built through connecting sites. Discovered so far: Another Version of the Truth (click and drag on the image) and its two audio files and a forum; I Am Trying To Believe; Be The Hammer; 105th Airborne Crusaders; and Church of Plano. The facts are continuing to develop, but they involve a dystopian future with a pretty screwed-up American government and a drug called "parepin", which has been distributed via the public water system. A message board has been set up for people tracking the mystery, including a pretty thorough synopsis of what is known so far. Pretty fun, at least to those of us bored with Lost.

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