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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Interactive Kylie!

Last February, we told you about Kylie: The Exhibition, in which the costumes and paraphernalia of our Most Exalted Pop Goddess were trasnformed into a high-art museum spectacular. The exhibit has now moved from Sydney to London -- specifically, to the Victoria and Albert Museum, where it seems to have been the source of some rather dull controversy. But never fear...adorable ModFab reader Bill (Thanks Bill!) tipped us off to their fabulous online interactive experience Get Closer To Kylie. Eight of Ms. Minogue's signature costumes are explored in detail, allowing you to zoom in and see all of that magnificence up close. Which means that my costume designer best friend should know exactly what my next Halloween costume will require.

There are also some great links at the exhibit, including:
The Complete Costumes of Kylie
The Kylie Phenomenon
Kylie and Feminism
Kylie and the Media
and my personal favorite: Star Dolls: Dress Up Kylie



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