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Friday, February 16, 2007


If We Were A Network, This Would Be The News

  1. Aaron Eckhart to play Two-Face in Batman Begins Sequel [VH1] Bale, Ledger, and now Eckhart...can they please play these roles without wearing shirts?
  2. Country Radio Stations Reaffirm Boycott of Dixie Chicks [Yahoo] Because if we listen to good music, the terrorists win.
  3. It's Not Stealing...It's BlogBurst! [Geek Philosophy] Take the posts of bloggers for no money, and sell them to Big Media. Rupert Murdoch lives!
  4. Milli Vanilli Biopic Film Inexplicably In The Works [Playfuls] 20 bucks says it's dubbed.
  5. Republicans Just Make Up Bullshit [Editor and Publisher] First Iraq had WMDs, now Abe Lincoln talked smack. Next for the GOP: poor people are a myth, like unicorns!
  6. Fuck Me, I'm a Hedge Fund Manager! [PJELA] Okay, sure! Wait: are you cute? You're right, it doesn't matter.
  7. Sigourney Weaver Returns to Outer Space [VH1] Ripley back with director James Cameron...suddenly, they both have careers again.



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