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Friday, February 09, 2007


If We Were A Network, This Would Be The News

  1. David LaChappelle Sells His Surpisingly Dull NYC Apartment [Luxist] Free of the pop-art touches you might expect...but we've yet to see the bathroom.
  2. Crackhead HomoSlut Minister Ted Haggard now Completely Hetero [Queerty] Amazing what a little rehab and a publicist can do!
  3. America's Next Top Model - Season Preview [FourFour] The models! The scandals! Tyra airbrushes those child-birthing hips!
  4. World Renowned Nobel Prize Winner Dies [MSNBC] Oh wait, my bad...it's Anna Nicole Smith. I was confused by all the major news networks covering it nonstop.
  5. Why The Scissor Sisters Can't Break America [Village Voice] A great article, even if it reinforces the stereotypes it aspires to break.
  6. Shrek The Third trailer [Empire Movies] Justin Timberlake plays King Arthur...Cameron not happy about it.
  7. Donald Trump's Super Premium Valentine Hate Candy [Gallery of the Absurd] Trump and candy...two tastes that taste like ass.
  8. Rudy Giuliani is Running for President [CNN] Do you think conservatives will really elect this man?
  9. Great Filmmakers Collaborate On Secret Project at Cannes [Cinematical] Finally, the masterpiece we've all wanted to see...Gigli 2!
  10. Gummy Bear Photography [Bibi's Box] Art and candy...two tastes that taste great together.
  11. Red Eye Express Watch [Josh Spear] It's what the most fashionable science nerds will be wearing next fall.



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