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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Amazing Race: Return of the Midget Warrior Princess

Reality Blurred has a hilarious recap of the first episode of Amazing Race: All Stars, which was more tragi-fabulous than we ever expected it to be. Although our beloved sissy sisters, Oswald and Danny, finished second while complaining about their lack of mosturizer (yay!), the team that won the first leg was satanic minions Rob and Amber, whose fifteen minutes should have ended hours ago. We share RB's feeling upon seeing Rawb bragging about his strategy to win:
"This time, whole new bag of tricks,” Rob promised us, with that punchable smirk on his face. He’s on screen for 30 seconds and already I want to get in my car, set the cruise control to 70 mph, open the door, and dangle my face out so it can drag along the pavement and distract me from the pain I feel when I have to watch him.
Priceless. Other teams we dug: Uchenna and Joyce (LOVE them, love her hair!), David and Mary (redneck power!), and surprisingly, Dustin and Kandice, the evil beauty queens from last season who I see to like this time. Opposed to: devil midget and doppleganger Charla and Mirna, and brutish doofuses (doofi?) Teri and Ian. If you're a Race fan...who are you pulling for?



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