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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


You Tube of the Week: The 5 Best Golden Globe Speeches

Most of Monday's Golden Globes ceremony was dull as dishwater, and frankly, most of the internet commentary since then has been equally stultifying. ("It's anyone's game!", "Something for everyone!", "No clues for Oscar!", etc. I'd link to some of it, but I've already fallen asleep.) So instead of analyzing the event or dishing the dresses (Cameron Diaz, girlfriend...we have to talk), we're reliving our favorite speeches of the night. Click the links below, and enjoy Cohen's extended fart joke, Forest Whitaker's genuine emotion, and J-Hud transforming into a star before your eyes. Thanks, You Tube! If only every awards show were as easy to recap!

5. Hugh Laurie, House - Best Actor, TV Comedy
4. Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat - Best Actor, Comedy or Musical
3. Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls - Best Supporting Actress
2. Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland - Best Actor, Drama

1. America Ferrera, Ugly Betty - Best Actress, TV Comedy

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