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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Stage Addiction: Mannequins Are Slightly More Interesting Than People

- The theatre community is just getting back to work after the holidays, so it's been a little slow. How slow? Well, the New York Times is writing articles about the mannequins used onstage in The Coast of Utopia...yes. The Times. The paper of record. The old grey lady. The Bible of the theater. Mannequins. Like I said, slow.

- ModFab's gorgeous friend Amy at NewYorkology has some end-of-year statistics about Broadway in 2006: if you purchased a ticket for a Broadway show last year, you were probably a white (77%) woman (62%) in your 40's (29%) from New Jersey or Connecticut (24%). Oh, and you probably paid a whopping $91.50 for that cramped, uncomfortable seat in the mezzanine. Which sucks, especially if you are at Mary "Sometimes I Fly, Sometimes I Don't" Poppins.

- The new movie of Hairspray has launched its website, and wonder of wonders, they've also got a blog. Neither is very interesting at the moment, except for their two-minute musical photo montage, in which John Travolta is nearly absent. (Perhaps someone's not too happy with the way they look in fat-girl drag?) Theoretically, there's a link to MTV Overdrive, where you can hear one of the new songs...but I got bored waiting for it to download.

- There's a "pre-Broadway" tour kicking about of Aaron Sorkin's military drama A Few Good Men. The star? Dean Cain, he of Lois and Clark fame and increasing cultural obscurity. Wow, who would have thought that he'd be available? (I guess Dermot Mulroney was busy.)

- The Wedding Singer closed. If the box office grosses are to be believed, it will soon be followed by The Little Dog Laughed and Spelling Bee. Shame.

- What's Good/What Blows has a link to Martha Plimpton's photo gallery, where she's posted backstage pictures from The Coast of Utopia. There's seems to be much less 19th-century Russian philosophy happening backstage.

- The 70's had La Mama, the 80's had P.S. 122; the 90's, I guess, had HERE and The Kitchen. Is Joe's Pub becoming the alternative performance hotspot of the new millennium? This month alone, they've got Kiki and Herb, Amy Winehouse, Leslie Kritzer, Groove Collective, Diamanda Galas, Holly Cole, Toshi Reagon, Terence Blanchard, Daphne Rubin-Vega, and Weimar New York, a new decadent performance event featuring Tony winner Michael Cerveris (doing his rocker thing), Justin Bond, Julie Atlas Muz, Adam Dugas, Rachelle Garniez, Helen Stratford, Tigger!, Daniel Eisengart and The Pixie Harlots. If they had cots and a private bath, I could live there.

- For serious musical theatre freaks only: Ricky Ian Gordon's song cycle Orpheus and Eurydice is being released on CD January 23rd. My copy is already pre-ordered.

- Of all the musicals that have never been made into films -- Cats, Follies, She Loves Me, Sunday in the Park with George, Into The Woods, Crazy For You, Falsettos, Avenue Q, and The Light in the Piazza spring immediately to mind -- which do you think will get the Hollywood treatment next? Did you guess it? You're going to kick yourself, it's so obvious. Yes, yes of course...Naked Boys Singing. Because why make art, when you can make crap?

- One of the great heroes of the theatre, Robert Woodruff, is stepping down as Artistic Director at Cambridge's American Repertory Theatre, the most adventurous of the nation's regional theatres. Let's hope he is followed by someone of similar vision and fearlessness. We're afraid there aren't too many like him left.

-Okay, people. I think it's been three years since Lone Star Love first announced its plans to come to Broadway. So enough with the press releases...it's time to put up or shut up.

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