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Friday, January 12, 2007


Queer Eye Blinks, Tim Gunn Shoots...and Scores!

Lots of reality news dropped on the internet Friday afternoon:

Makeover show Queer Eye is being canceled (aww), but Bravo isn't abandoning its queer audience -- they're giving Tim Gunn from Project Runway a makeover show of his own. (Yay!) Tim Gunn's Guide To Style, based on his forthcoming book, will feature our hero as an all-purpose style maven, a guru to the taste-challenged.

And what will the Fab Five do, now that they've been given the pink slip? Our predictions: Jai will come back to Broadway, Carson will host E! Fashion Emergency, Ted will open a restaurant, Thom will design throw pillows for Wal-Mart, and Kyan...well, Supercuts is hiring.

Bravo had a busy day: they also announced that Paula Adbul will bring her big bag of crazy to the network, in a documentary series similar to Kathy Griffin. Finally, we'll all get an answer to the burning question: coke, smack or crack?

The Survivor: Fiji cast was announced, and we have to admit that we're majorly disappointed. While the group is just as diverse as last season's, the men competing on Fiji beginning February 8th are significantly less, um...hot. The cutest of the bunch seems to be Anthony and the unfortunately named Mookie, both of whom are a far cry from Yul, Ozzy, and Nate. We can always hope the headshots aren't good, and that in actually, they are super-fine. But don't hold your breath.



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