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Friday, January 19, 2007


Oscar-ology: Something Unexpected, Please!

The Oscar nominations are due next week, but this year's race is so damn dull that I'm having trouble working up the energy to make picks. So I'm asking you to spice it up for me -- give me your best shot at the unexpected, the unusual, the pick no one else will make! NOTHING is too far out for this discussion. Whose nomination will get gasps of surprise when they are announced? Are you hoping/thinking/wishing/praying for a longshot? Let me know in the comments...and no Helen Mirrens, J-Huds, or Forest Whitakers allowed.

I'll start by stirring up some shit in the Best Supporting Actor category: I can easily see a world where Eddie Murphy and Jack Nicholson are joined not by favorites like Wahlberg, Arkin, Hounsou, DiCaprio or Haley...but by Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Stanley Tucci. Starfucking goes a long way in Hollywood, and all of them have many friends in the biz. (And my "out of left field" pick...Bill Nighy in Notes on a Scandal, whose grounded work keeps the wild style of that film in check.)

Now it's your turn....shock me!



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