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Sunday, January 28, 2007


ModMusic: When The Remix Goes Astray

A few years ago, I downloaded from some site (this might even be the old Napster days) a remix of The B-52s classic "Love Shack" by DJ Tonka. It's a complete reconception of the song, jettisoning everything but the vocal track and adding a cheery house beat underneath. It's not heinous, by any means...kind of fun, actually. But it resembles "Love Shack" about as much as Britney Spears resembles Marilyn Monroe.

Don't get me wrong. I love when a remix artist can make me see a song in a new way; the Escort Extended Mix of Tracey Thorn's new single is a perfect example of that. But in the case of DJ Tonka's "Love Shack", I have to wonder if it isn't overkill. Or more to the point...if it still has anything in common with the iconic original version. Your thoughts?

Download: The B-52s, "Love Shack (DJ Tonka Mix)"
Then Buy: The B-52s, Time Capsule: Songs For A Future Generation

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