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Monday, January 08, 2007


If Blogs Were Crappy Songs, This Would Be The Grammys

What blogs should I nominate for the 2007 Bloggies? I'm hoping to go beyond the usual suspects. I mean, ultimately the Bloggies are structured as a popularity contest, favoring big sites with more readers in the nomination rounds. So I'd love to know what smaller-ish websites you're supporting...and maybe join you in that support.

List your favorites in the comments, and if you're pushing your own site, let the ModFab Community know about it! And if you're completely stumped, it's sad but true: Modern Fabulousity would make a splendid nominee for Best Kept Secret, Best LGBT, or Best Writing. I harbor no illusions about ModFab's chances, but I will reinstate our offer of free handjobs to everyone who throws a vote our way. Alright, free handjobs AND potato chips. Beat that, Towleroad!



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