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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I Am So Friggin' Close, I Can Taste It...

This will seem petty to most of you. And...it IS petty. Sue me. Every blogger is at heart desperate for attention, and sometimes I need to validate the time I spend typing all of this B.S., if for no other reason than to prove that my life is not a heinous pit of Cheetos, Project Runway, masturbation and self-absorption.

Here's the request: Since I started to read blogs, I've used Bloglines to gather RSS and Atom feeds from my favorite sites. It's a brilliant service, and the easiest way I know to read a lot of different sites very quickly...it allows me, for instance, to check out over 400 photoblogs at ONE location every day, rather than visiting 400 separate bookmarks...which wouldn't be possible otherwise.

I also read Modern Fabulousity there. In every Bloglines feed, it tells you how many subscribers currently subscribe to that blog. Some are huge, some are not. But for the longest time, ModFab has been stuck at 49 subscribers. Like, for a YEAR. Some drop off, others come on, but every day I scroll past it in the hopes that I'll break through to the magic number 50, and I don't. As I said: petty.

But nevertheless, I'm asking all readers: if you use Bloglines, please add me to your list. I only need ONE MORE to stop obsessing over this, which is unhealthy and ridiculously immature of me. Only you can stop the pain. Help me, Obi Wan, you're my only hope!



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