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Thursday, January 04, 2007


God, Gays, and the Sundance Channel

While most TV shows are taking an extended holiday break, the most fascinating weekly event on the tube has become the new Sundance series One Punk Under God, following Jay Bakker, the son of the PTL empire who is now a tattooed, politically liberal, God-meets-The-Clash preacher. There are, of course, remnants of the Jim and Tammy Faye freakshow from the 80's...how could you not deal with that on a documentary series? But the most startling storyline has been watching Jay transform his thinking on gays. His encounters and thoughtful Bible study led him to take the heretical position that being gay is not a sin...a position which has put him at odds with much of the evangelical world, is financially devastating his ministry and exposing the prejudiced corruption of the mainstream fundamentalist movement.

It's stunning to watch a life-long evangelical go through this conversion of thought..and one of the most hopeful examples for the future of gays and the religious right I've ever seen. Jay is iconic and amazingly humble. If he opened a church here in NYC, I'd probably go check it out. Very powerful.



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