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Friday, January 26, 2007


Dollars and Sense

Darryl Stephens, the star of the recently canceled television series Noah's Arc, shares some of the darker aspects of the show's recent cancellation today on his blog:
it's honestly an issue of money. NOAH is an extremely expensive show to produce--and contrary to what you might think, it's not because of Noah's Dolce & Gabbana man-panties. some of you noticed that the second season boasted elevated production values. even in canada, especially with the american dollar being so shitty, the second season went over-budget. (and i don't know if you all know this, but MTV and it's sister networks are all about stretching a dollar. that's why all the shows on MTV and VH1 are so tacky now. "I Love New York" was playing at my gym today. no offense to new york--she seems sweet-- but i am so embarrassed for everybody involved...) so anyway, they've been trying to come up with something that will keep the character and the stories alive and NOT bankrupt the little fledgeling gay network. i get it. it's not the best case scenario, but i get it.

on the plus side (and this is when i start getting honest. network execs, coevr your eyes) we've been released from some pretty shitty contracts. yes, we were supposed to START making some real money with the third season, but now that we're not restricted in the television work we are allowed to do, those of us who want to can branch out and do other things. i already have something lined up for late march, which i will let you in on once the deal is closed. so this is actually not a bad thing for us. [link]
The cheap, bargain-basement economics of LOGO and MTV Networks verify the experiences of regular ModFab reader Mitch (you out there, Mitch?), whose documentary appeared on LOGO last year. It's difficult for quality original programming to occur on any network; when you also squeeze budgets to make profits from every available source, it's nearly impossible. That's why the highest-rated program on the network has gone the way of the passenger pigeon and the dodo bird. Sad.

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