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Sunday, January 28, 2007


BlogCrushing: Electroqueer

Every now and then, I fall in love with a blog without them ever knowing...I skulk around their site, clutching a rose and a box of heart-shaped candy, wanting to ask them out but suddenly feeling like the fat girl with braces and bifocals at the prom. (Very Pretty in Pink, very Jon Cryer.) But after a while, I face down the fear and make my blogcrush known. This week, it's time to shout my adoration for Electroqueer from the highest mountaintops. Where else could I find new songs by my favorite artists (like Macy Gray's fabulous, career-restoring new single, "Strange Behaviour") and new bands that leave you salivating (like Ballad Bombs, which sound like 80's-synthy New Order if Morrissey had been on backing vocals). If Electroqueer were an ice cream, I'd stock my refrigerator full. If they were a comfy sweater, I'd buy one in every color.

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