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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Blog Royalty

As a ModFab reader, you might well assume that I am a Big Time Blogger, an A-lister who hangs out at cafes swapping hilariously dry anecdotes with Gawker and BoingBoing. And prior to today, you would have been wrong. Prior to today, I was a little blog peon. I was...a noblog.

But things change. Today, I am moving up, just like the Jeffersons, to the (figuartive) East Side. So long, 100-hit-a-day suckazz!

Because tomorrow, your humble editor is attending the New York Bloggers Summit, where the socially inept, intermittently talented stars of our field will mix, mingle, and confab with actual local weekend television anchors. I don't want to brag....but there will probably be a cheese plate and some crackers involved. I hear there may even be some $10 boxed wine. Jealous much, Heather?

So if you are a blogger and attending the Bloggers Summit (and I know that fellow Chosen Ones Brilliant at Breakfast, The Flick Filosopher and The Film Experience will be there) let me know. I'd love to meet any and everyone. Well, anyone good enough to get in. The rest of you can talk to the hand.



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