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Friday, January 05, 2007


As If That Hairpiece Wasn't Enough Reason...

After much thought, I've made a major policy decision: I will not be watching the new season of The Apprentice. Why? Because Donald Trump, in a poll of truly despicable human beings, falls somewhere between Hitler and Genghis Khan. Robert Bianco says it more eloquently than I will, but after the firing of Carolyn, the hiring of his own (untalented) daughter, the Miss USA debacle, and the ugly, misogynist fights with Martha Stewart and Rosie O'Donnell...I just think he's a boorish, ugly dickhead who doesn't deserve the support. And of course, since it's on Sundays at 9pm, there's plenty of other shows to watch (Desperate Housewives, Rome, The Sopranos in March).

Are you planning to watch it? And if so, why?



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