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Friday, January 12, 2007


Are Musicals Too Gay?

One of the theories circulating about the critical backlash against Dreamgirls: it's Brokeback, Part Deux. I'm being glib of course, but ZigZagger states it clearly:
"Musicals have become a challenge to heteronormative masculinity. Over the past few decades, gay male culture has made showtunes into a signal of gayness, and as gay culture has gained visibility so has the musical as its emblem. According to a widespread cultural cliché, there is no better evidence that a man is in the closet than a stack of Sondheim cast recordings. As a generation has grown up more aware than in the past about "alternative lifestyles," it has protected itself from seeming gay by disavowing its comfort with the genre. Some high schools apparently now can mount a musical production only if all the parts, male and female, are played by girls. And let's give gay culture some credit: among the things gay men like about the muscial are its overwrought theatricality, its heightened mode of performance, its intensity of emotion. These qualities are the opposite of those associated with straight masculinity in contemporary western societies (and probably in many others too)." [more]
What do you think? Do straight men dislike musicals because of their association with (and appropriation by) gay men...or is it more like the way I feel about According To Jim, Dr. Phil, and professional football (I just don't get it)? [Daily Greencine]



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