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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Tragi-Fabulous: Alcazar's "Menage a Trois"

A new recurring feature for you today on Modern Fabulousity: Tragi-Fabulous, where we chronicle those cultural icons that tread the fine line between terrible and wonderful, stylish and tacky, cool and woefully uncool all at once. (Examples: Graham Norton. Season Five of Will and Grace. Amanda Lepore. Grease 2. The Olsen Twins when they're drunk and horny. Pink Is The New Blog.)

Today's tragi-fabulousness is Alcazar, the Swedish pop combo who recently announced that they'll be pursuing solo careers. Never heard of them? They're huge in Europe, where I hear even David Hasselhoff has a singing career.

Now ModFab does love a good pop disco nugget. And we even love crap pop on occasion. But this track, Alcazar's "Menage A Trois", just may be the worst thing I've ever heard. (And yet I've just played the song three times in a row, just to relive the horror.) Supposedly the boys in this video are boyfriends or something. (What, they're GAY?!?! Who knew?) You may not be able to tell which ones are the boys under all that pancake makeup, so I'll give you a hint...the ones with the (slightly) lower voices.



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