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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Today's Cultural Detritus: At Least Beyonce is Skinny!

TV's tropical mindbender Lost took a slow but steady beating in the ratings this past fall; when it returns after the holiday break, it'll move one hour later to 10PM...thus avoiding the blitzkrieg of American Idol. Smart move, ABC. (By the way, there's a spoiler-filled teaser up at the Lost website, but it requires an American Express card to view it. This strikes me as a potent metaphor for what's wrong with the show. Since I have one, however, I was able to find out which character seems to be drowning...it's Claire.)

It's not that Beyonce hates Jennifer Hudson...on the contrary. She's merely jealous that Hudson is a big fat fatty. Meow!

Our favorite movie review of the day: "Not since sitting through Love Actually have I wanted to put my foot through a cinema screen as much as I did watching this horribly contrived, abysmally acted, bloated and self-important romcom." And that's just how Alistar Harkness' bitchtastic review of The Holiday starts...it gets even better. Meow (again)!

When it comes to breaking the heart of a former Spice Girl, Eddie Murphy prefers to channel Michael Jackson: "Billie Jean Scary Spice is not my lover, she's just a girl who thinks that I am the one...but the kid is not my son." Yeah, and you didn't know that the hooker was a trannie, either.

Once you've made out with Kim Catrall in the buff on Sex and the City, what's left for a minor television hunk to do? If you're Jason Lewis, there's only one answer: play gay. Which he'll do on the fantabulous new show Brothers and Sisters, which has been getting its gay groove on almost since the first episode.



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