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Friday, December 22, 2006


Spring Awakening: Video Preview

Even though I am head over heels in love with Spring Awakening, I almost didn't post this four-minute preview video of the show. Why? Because if you haven't seen this stunning musical already, I'm not sure this video is going to sell it adequately. The video eliminates most of the sex, most of the story, and all of the text (it instead shows clips from the show's most memorable songs, including "Totally Fucked", "The Bitch of Living", "I Believe", and "Don't Do Sadness"). Will it make sense to the uninitiated? Will it drive you to grab tickets?

I am concerned, because the show is selling only passably well -- it's a true work of art on Broadway, which is about as rare as pink elephants at the Bronx Zoo. There are also people afraid of the change it harbinges...it throws out conventional dramatic structure and instead embraces the idioms of the rock concert. Complex, intelligent, sexy, powerful, and dangerous, it may not survive the harsh ticket climate of winter. But for those of you who are my age, and who experienced the mid-90's moment of Rent -- I'm talking to you Damion, Shannon, Melissa, Tim, etc. -- you need to find a way to get here, but fast. It's the first rock musical that demands your attention.



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